The Front Approach and Hurdle 
One of the hardest things to master in diving is the forward approach and hurdle.  It sets up great dives.  This foundation skill needs to be broken down and practiced.  Even the great Olympic divers practice this every day.

The Armswing 
Focus Points - Start in Y position, palms out, swing arms straight to above head, to palms facing inward. Perfectly staight arms!!

Step by Step Action of Hurdle 
Focus Points - Slowly swing arms up and stretch up with hurdle leg and arms to 12 O'clock. Stretch legs down while reaching up.  (This is the hard part, arms will want to come down with the leg.)  Sink down, then swing arms around all the way to 12 O'clock again.  Forward roll to pike and tee out.  And add a hand stand.   Can you hold it for 10 seconds?

Body Positions & Come Outs
Great divers have great body position in the air and are able to "hit a position".  This is crisply moving from the take off position, to a position in a dive, to a straight body position for the entry into the water.  Hitting these positions on "dry land" will help develop muscle memory so dives can be executed in the air with confidence and style.  The following drills are key to developing great dives.

The Pike Position
Focus Points - Great pike positions are not easy to come by, at first.  Divers need to develop the flexibility.
Keep legs and arms straight and reach for those toes. Feel the stretch, but don't overdo it. 

Repetitions - Beginners:  3 slow stretches to the toes for 10 seconds. 20 second rest in between stretches.
                       National Team: 4 slow stretches to the toes for 20 seconds.20 second rest in between stretches.

The Pike Come Out
Focus Points - The next two videos show the pike come out.  First, from the standing position.  Second, from your back.  "Touch toes, slide, come to the side, get your grab."  Great form always!

‚ÄčHome Dry Land Workout Series
High Dive Champions is committed to being the premier diving program available to age group divers.   As a part of our unique program, I encourage all divers, from beginners to the National Team, to work out at home on conditioning, strengthening and diving drills.  Below is the "Divers Dry Land Workout".  Each drill is shown in video.  Focus Points for each drill and recommended repetitions are detailed below.
Conditioning & Strengthening
Always warm up your body first.  Jumping rope is a great warm up, plus it is a great work out for your legs which is important for getting height on your dives.

Jumping Rope
Key Focus Points - Change it up by going backwards, crossing the rope and other tricks.

Repetitions - Beginners: 3 sets of 20, 
                       National Team: 5 sets of 100

Pike Ups
Key Focus Points - Keep arms, legs, fingers straight.  Touch your toes.  This drill takes practice before you can do it well. Don't give up on this core exercise. 

Repetitions - Beginners: 3 sets of 5, 
                       National Team: 5 sets of 20

Four Step Approach & Hurdle - Plus Circle Jump
Focus Points - Start with hurdle leg and four steps, swing of arms is no swing on first step, then forward, back and forward into hurdle.  Keep arms perfectly straight throughout approach and hurdle.  Strong circle jump after hurdle.

Perfect Push Ups
Key Focus Points - Practice these with great form only.  If they are too hard start on your knees and only do 2 or 3.  Work up to higher reps.  No camel push ups, keep your body straight. 

Repetitions - Beginners: 3 sets of 5, 
                       National Team: 5 sets of 20

Hand Stands
Key Focus Points - These are hard and take lot's of practice.  If these are new, start with a tripod (head and hands) and extend up to a headstand.  For headstands and hand stands kick up to a wall first.  Once you have the strength and balance you can move these to an open area.  Watch out for your mom's lamp!

Repetitions - Beginners:  3 up against a wall, hold for 3 seconds
                       National Team: 20 handstands a day, holding for 10 seconds.  Give your body time to recover between hand stands.

Video-Divers Workout

One Step Hurdle 
Focus Points - Arms start back, swing close to the body in straight position, up to 12 O'clock.  Knee comes up high and down fast.

The Tuck Come Out
Focus Points - Reach to 12 O'clock,tight tuck, kick to flat, hands on thighs, slide hands over body, look back, get your grab.

The Grab
Focus Points - To enter the water and get a "rip" all divers get a grab before entry.  The next video shows the grab in front, so a diver can see the grab when they are first learning.  The second video shows how the arms align over the ears for the grab before a front entry into the water.  A strong stretch is needed entering the water.