Mission Statement

High Dive Champions is a premier diving program designed to give age group kids the opportunity to experience and excel at the great Olympic sport of springboard and platform diving. The program teaches and sets an example for achieving excellence, reaching goals and sportsmanship. High Dive Champions is committed to providing a safe, fun, positive, learning environment for all divers. For serious competitive divers, it is the teams mission to provide a training program and the coaching to reach an individual’s highest attainable goals in the areas of competition, training and the acceptance into a diving and academic college or university.

Our Unique Program
The High Dive Champions program is unique and proprietary, built upon the most effective elements employed by the most successful Olympic Diving Coach's programs. One or more professional coaches are on deck training the athletes.

The following elements make every practice highly efficient and effective.

Professional Coaches
Each Coach in the program is a highly professional and experienced teacher of diving while maintaining coaching and safety certifications including USA Diving Safety Certification, NY State coaching certificates, and American Red Cross certification for CPR for the Professional Rescuer, AED Training, Lifegaurd Training, First Aid/Disease Transmission. In addition each coach is a member of AAU, USA Diving and the United States Professional Diving Coaches Association [USPDCA], and have sponsored and attended numerous professional coaching clinics. We are dedicated to provide and maintain this Safe, Fun, Effective environment for all of our divers. 

Team Goals

Safety – High Dive Champions provides an environment that is safe and is dedicated to teaching the sport of diving in an educated, proven and progressive teaching method.

Fun – High Dive Champions provides an environment that promotes having fun through the sport of diving. Fun is also a result of many of the experiences and values promoted by the coaches. These include:
· Making and enjoying friendships with other members of the team
· Having coaches and role models who have a positive, supportive approach and a winning way

· Learning life lessons like the importance of sportsmanship, hard work and team work

 · Learning how hard work and commitment translates to goal achievement and the sense of accomplishment

 · Learning how to excel in competitive situations

· Traveling with team members, coaches and family members to diving meets and related diving activities

Coach Mike Darland & 5 time Olympic Coach Dick Kimball

Dry Land Training – This includes strength, conditioning, flexibility and diving specific drills at every practice.

Trampoline Training - A spotting belt and rig are always utilized for this training. Divers perfect their diving movements and learn new dives in this highly repetitious training. Diving improvements are made faster and easier without the fear of painful landings.

Diving Training – Divers are given proven training workouts that are conducted with progressive techniques. Workouts are supplemented and made more effective with unique tools which include spotting belts over the boards & water, TIVO and Video Monitors for immediate video analysis, and a Hot Tub to keep divers muscles warm to maximize performance.

Olympic & Guest Coaching
– Special coaching sessions are provided on an annual basis. This includes Olympic Coach Dick Kimball who provides a week of special training for High Dive Champions every year.


Goal Achievement – High Dive Champions is dedicated to providing the tools, learning methods and coaching that will result in successful goal achievement for every member of the team. The coaching staff will periodically set goals for every team member with the input of the student and the parents. While the goals of individuals will range, the achievement of individual goals will be the focus of the coaches.

Coaches will also have team goals. These will include:

· To teach all students the dives needed to compete in a Novice and then a Junior Olympic diving meet.

· To consistently place among the top teams at AAU and U.S. Diving Invitational Diving Meets

 · To consistently qualify a team of divers to AAU Diving National Championships and U.S. Diving Junior Nationals.

· To consistently have divers attain age group “National Finalist” and diving “All American” status in the AAU and U.S. Diving National Championships.

· Consistently help place graduating high school students into reputable diving and academic College and University programs.

We Offer More
There are two basic levels of training: novice/intermediate and advanced. Both levels train within four [9] week sessions throughout the season, and each practice at least 1 1/2 hours. 

Novice/Intermediate program - Our aim is to provide beginner divers with a strong foundation by teaching basic fundamentals. The goal with the novice program is to have fun learning the fundamentals of diving while eventually, and at an individual pace, progressing each diver to a competitive level and move to the advanced team. 

Advanced program - Our aim is to continue building upon the diver’s basic foundation while providing a fun, yet serious practice environment, designed to guide each diver to reaching their highest potential in the areas of training and competitiveness.

With both levels of High Dive Champions all divers are welcome and encouraged to compete during the season at whatever stage the coaches, individual diver, and the parents feel they are ready for. There are a number of diving invitationals and regional and national competitions throughout the season, including our own
Kimball Cup Invitational, where all our divers have an opportunity to compete at their individual level.