​​Platform diving is one of the most popular and highest viewed sporting events on television at the Summer Olympic Games.  It is a thrilling sport to watch,  and even more thrilling to practice.

High Dive Champions is a U.S. Diving team that offers this elite level training.

Coach Mike Darland, a platform diver, represented Kimball Divers and the University of Michigan.  Mike Darland participated in several 10 Meter Platform National Competitions, including those held at The Woodlands, Texas and The University of Miami.

Platform training is available to all team members who are able to demonstrate the required 3 meter diving skills to the High Dive Champions coaching staff.

Platform diving training is conducted at Eisenhower Park, Long Island, New York.

Platform diving competitions are available with the High Dive Champions team a few select times each year.

More team platform diving pictures can be found at photos.highdivechampions.com

Eisenhower Park Pool

Teammates looking on are Olympic Gold Medalist Phil Boggs, Olympic Silver Medalist Bruce Kimball and Olympic Bronze Medalist Chris Seufert.


Coach Mike Darland - Reverse Dive from 10-meter Platform at Brandon, Florida