YMCA National Champion 3m 

Meera Kasturi 

Louisa Thompson

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Updated 6/28/15
High Dive Champions have nine divers advance to the 2015 U.S. Diving National Championships! HDC places 5th at Zone A Championships in Huntersville, NC on 6/16-6/21/15. 

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What makes our team different...

A more experienced head coach, and coaching staff.
Great results year after year. Now over 12 years of County Champions, National Champions, All Americans and more.
More advanced training tools with a state of the art training facility.
The only program that uses trampoline training with spotting rig on a daily basis.
Plus a spotting belt over the 1-meter & 3-meter diving boards.

A more flexible program...
There are two plans,  The Limited Plan-(one day a week) or   
The Unlimited Plan -(up to 6 days a week)
Private Lessons are available to Unlimited plan divers.
All ages have classes geared to them... ages 7-18
All talent levels have classes geared to them...Novice, Intermediate, Advanced

 Kit Greenberg Advances   

High Dive Champions YMCA Team

Justin Sodokoff and the National Team

Jen Bell

Kit Greenberg   

Kit Greenberg  

Meera Kasturi 

Reid Gerken   

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High Dive Champions take 5 teams to First Annual USA Diving Synchro Nationals in Greensboro, North Carolina

Alec DeCaprio

The Big Dogs, All Finalists - Alec DeCaprio, Connor Brisson, Justin Sodokoff

Updated 12-15-14
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Interested in joining? 
Read more about our team below.

Updated 12/14/15
High Dive Champions Wyatt Feist is the Overall Mens High Point winner at the 2015 Blue Dolphin Invitational this past weekend.  
Check out some great pictures of the meet at  photos.highdivechampions.com

Updated 11/2/15
High Dive Champions 2015 Halloween Classic Meet was a blast.

Meera Kasturi - Zone Champion 1m & 3m  

More pictures at photos.highdivechampions.com Check out all the Halloween pictures at photos.highdivechampions.com

Updated 8/17/15
High Dive Champions finish Future Stars Summer Camp.
See group pictures at photos.highdivechampions.com for each week of Future Stars summer camp.

Reid Gerken - Double Silver Medalist

Updated 5/19/15
High Dive Champions have four YMCA National Champions in Orlando, Florida  May 14-17, 2015
Boys team takes 2nd place, Girls - 3rd place, Overall 3rd place!

Updated 8-13-14
High Dive Champions have five divers earn National Finalists titles at U.S. Diving Nationals!

2015 Highlights

Coaches and Guest Coaches 

The highest level coaching in the country.
High Dive Champions is able to provide a diverse group of coaches and coaching styles. 
Each diver gets a perspective from different high level coaches on a regular basis. All divers are coached by the head coach and co-head coach nearly every practice.  Guest coaches include Olympic Coach Dick Kimball.

Comedy Diving Show - Kimball, Ken Vigiletti, Mike Darland (Triple Horse & Rider)

  YMCA National Champion  1&3m 

Louisa Thompson

Updated 2/2/15
2015 Winter Blast Diving Meet at Purchase College

Catie McCarthy & Olivia Dilascia

  YMCA National Champion  1&3m 

 Reid Gerken 

‚Äč2015 was a very successful year for the High Dive Champions divers.  Check out the team picture, news items and highlights for the year...

Kimball with divers of years past...Ginni Van Katwijk, Lara Spencer & Sue Kosinski

Synchro Divers Louisa Thompson & Jessica Tonole

Ioannis Schattman 

Ioannis Schattman Advances

Check out more pictures of the Synchro Nationals atphotos.highdivechampions.com

Updated 3/18/15
The 12th Annual Kimball Cup 3/15 & 3/16 
Check out more pictures of the 2015 Kimball Cup at photos.highdivechampions.com

Check out more pictures at photos.highdivechampions.com

Updated 5/3/15
High Dive Champions win Region 1 Championships 

Jen Bell

Updated 8/17/15
High Dive Champions at U.S. Diving Nationals in Orlando, Florida. July 31-August 8, 2015

Justin Sodokoff

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Updated 7-16-14
High Dive Champions Win Zone Championships (July 10-13, Buffalo, NY)
12 High Dive Champions advance to National Championships!

Chloe Best Advances

Updated 11-26-14
Check out the Halloween Classic Meet pictures at www.photos.highdivechampions.com

Chloe Best

YMCA National Champion 1m

Ioannis Shattma

Louisa Thompson

Louisa Thompson - 12-13 Star

What Makes Coach Darland Different...

More Experience, A Preferred Coaching Style, More Advanced Techniques

Coached as a diver by two of the most successful Olympic Coaches of all time, Dick Kimball & Ron O'Brien
Competitive National Diver on 1-meter, 3-meter & 10-meter Platform
University of Michigan - Varsity Letter Winner, Kimball Diver
U.S. Diving - Safety Certification Instructor for Coaches
U.S. Diving - Certified Instructor for Coaches for Trampoline Spotting, Dry Board Spotting & Hand Spotting
FINA Certified Judge - International Diving Judge
U.S. Diving - Association President of Southern New York Diving
AAU Diving - Chairman for Metropolitan New York District
Dartfish Diving Video Analysis Specialist
U.S. Diving - Lifetime Member

A World Class Training Facility - Purchase College, NY

A dedicated diving well with 4 diving boards (Two 1-meter boards & Two 3-meter boards). Complete with spotting rigs used over the trampolines & 1 & 3 meter diving boards. Coach Darland utilizes all these tool on a daily basis.

Head Coach Mike Darland

Jen Bell Advances  

Louisa Thompson Advances