Diving Meet Information...
This page provides information on how to register and how to prepare for an upcoming meet.

Everything you need to know for an upcoming meet. There are several important things you need to know.
-How do I sign up for a diving meet?
-Coach Darland's tips for divers & parents.
-Frequently asked questions about meets.
-How is a dive judged?

If questions, call Coach Mike Darland 914 522-5440 or email darland@optonline.net

How do I sign up for a meet?
You need to know the meet registration type.
a. Divemeets.com
b. Manual - By filling out dive sheets
c. Other - There may be special meets that have other procedures

Normally, we will register for meets at divemeets.com  If registration is different I will let you know.

All divers need to be a member of AAU or U.S. Diving.  Since all High Dive Champion members are required to register with AAU this should have already been handled.  See Registration page if you are not currently registered with AAU.

Divers need to know their events and what dives to register.  (All dives have a number).  I have talked to all divers about their dives. The event age of the diver is based on their age on the last day of the year for the meet of that year.  Many of the experienced divers know their dives and the dive numbers.
Some of the common dives and numbers for a Novice diver are listed below. For a Novice diving meet, a diver can elect any of these dives they are comfortable with.
100a - Forward jump straight
200a - Back jump straight
300c - Reverse jump tuck
400b - Inward jump pike
5101a - Forward jump 1/2 twist
001b - Forward line-up pike
101c - Forward dive tuck
201a - Back dive straight
401c - Inward dive tuck
102c - Forward somersault tuck
202c - Back somersault tuck

The instructions how to register at divemeets.com is available in the following PDF.
Divemeets.com Instructions PDF

Some background information is important.
Each dive has a number and a degree of difficulty.  (Divemeets automatically inserts the dd in the registration process.)  This info is in the following PDF.
DD Sheet

The code or the meaning of these dive numbers is made simple in the following PDF.
Dive # logic

Meet Info‚Äč

Coach Darland's Tips for Divers & Parents, and frequently asked questions.

A great booklet has been published by U.S. Diving, Diving Parents Handbook.  Please check this out in the following PDF.

Diving Parents Handbook PDF 

There are some important things for the divers to know before a competition.  I always talk to the divers before a meet about these things.  As a parent, feel free to reinforce any of these points covered in my pep talk.  Check out the following PDF.

Diving Meets-The Important Things PDF